Finnmaster Husky Boats

Finnmaster Husky R5

In Finnmaster Husky R5 aluminium boat Finnmaster has packaged all the essentials required for a boat you need for a day out on the sea.

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Finnmaster Husky R6

The Finnmaster Husky R6 aluminium boat has an unexpected number of areas of use. With its sharp seaworthiness and a stable hull, the Finnmaster Husky R6 will extend your boating season by several months.

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Finnmaster Husky R7

Finnmaster Husky R7 aluminium boat is both quiet and stable. In the Finnmaster Husky R7, you get a versatile Bow Rider where all your passengers are safely protected behind the high windscreen. In case the weather turns, the canopy is stowed to be easily accessible – as soon as it starts blowing.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster Husky R7

Finnmaster Husky R8

The Finnmaster Husky R8 is a well built aluminium boat which is equally agile as ready for comfort. Thanks to its well designed hull, the Finnmaster Husky R8 takes rough sea in an agile and easily manoeuvrable manner. The high performance is clearly noticed when the adjustable offshore seats make sure that the driver and the navigator sit ergonomically and comfortably – in all kinds of weather.

For more photos and specifications refer to Finnmaster Husky R8

Finnmaster Husky R8s

Reliable, safe, resilient and durable are features that represent the Finnmaster Husky series and in Finnmaster Husky R8s, these features are combined with attitude, character and strength. The Finnmaster R8s is an eye catcher at sea and has excellent driving qualities as well as sturdy and high freeboards. Your family members can always follow along safely on your adventures.